Day 1 – “Slaying The Sugar Dragon”

Weigh in:  225lbs  – In the spirit of true transparency, I’m telling you my real starting weight.  In the spirit of true decency, I’ll spare you the “before picture”.  Now, I’m not allowed to weigh myself again until the 30 days is complete so this is a huge gamble.  If I complete the 30 days and haven’t lost any weight, I’ll either be extremely upset I went through all this trouble or extremely relieved that it doesn’t seem to matter what I eat and I can go back to putting donuts in my face.  Either way, there’ll be a whole lot of celery and carrots in the garbage.

Mood:  Still feeling good about the whole thing, aside from a slight urge to raid Easton’s candy bowl.  The Whole30 program calls this temptation “The Sugar Dragon” and one purpose of the diet is to “slay the dragon”.  I thought this was a good analogy at first, but then I thought about Puff The Magic Dragon and Pete’s Dragon and the Dragon from Shrek… I guess what I’m saying is, what if it’s a good dragon?  Maybe just misunderstood?  You’re just going to kill it without getting to know it?… Long story short, the people at The Whole30 program have stopped returning my emails.

General Thoughts:  This isn’t going to be that bad.   Especially with the love and support of my family and friends.   Like how my brother texted me pictures of donuts all day today.  It’s nice to have such a good support system in place.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings…

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