Day 2: Pavlov’s Dog

Mood:  I wouldn’t say I’m in a bad mood, but I wouldn’t say I’m in a good mood either.  It’s become apparent that the Sugar Dragon will not go down without a fight.  I’m confident I can beat it, but my day has been dotted with daydream interruptions starring a variety of deep fried pastries and cheese covered breads.  The mere mention of “pizza” seems to have become the trigger for a Pavlovian response.

General Thoughts:  My body seems to be catching on that this is not just some hilarious practical joke that I’m playing on it.  I’m beginning to feel the tremors of a resistance movement. Despite this, I’ve learned some valuable lessons thus far:

  1. Almond butter is a poor substitute for for peanut butter.  And an even worse substitute for chocolate chip cookie dough.
  2. It is possible to eat an endless stream of fruits and vegetables and never feel satisfied.
  3. Drinking water when you’re hungry to feel full is effective for approximately 3.2 seconds.

Tomorrow begins, what the Whole30 people call, “The Hangover Phase”.  The amount of terrible you feel during these days is supposedly directly proportional to the amount you binged before starting the diet.  This is not good news for me.  Not good at all.  Don’t be surprised if you see my mugshot on the local news tomorrow. “Man Raids Pizza Parlor; Two People Bitten”.  

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