Day 15: Man Vs. Feline Mortal Combat

Mood:  Concerned.  Half way there and no sign of Tiger Blood yet.   Sure, my stomach is feeling better and I don’t feel as much like a blob anymore, but I’ve not seen the kick-in-the-pants of extra energy I was promised.  I’m worried that my Chex-mix mishap the other day may have done me in.  What if this is a “pass/fail” scenario with no gray area and because of my gluten-filled transgressions I have been barred from paradise?  Of course, there’s always the option of starting over.  BAHAHAHA!!!

General Thoughts:  My other worry is that I’ll complete this 30 days and feel no different.  Only to find out that the “Tiger Blood” is one of those hippie, existential, B.S. everyone-gets-a-trophy ideas and “the Tiger Bloods been in me the whole time” and all I had to do is believe.   Or worse, that the Tiger Blood is literal and the final test of The Whole30 is an epic man vs. feline battle to the death.  In retrospect, I probably should have read the whole book before starting this.

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