“Ask Brett” – Wedding Dilemma – Aug. 14

On Aug 9, “”J.C.” Asked Brett:

” I have a dilemma. My future sister in-law decided to have a wedding 4 months after announcing it. I can’t get time off of work. What’s best way to break the news to the family?”
Hello J.C.
First and foremost, my opinion of what you should do in this situation will depend greatly on your answer to following question.  Is this wedding a destination wedding in the Caribbean, at an all inclusive resort, paid for by the bride’s dad?  If the answer to this question is “yes”, then I would say it may be worth trying to find another job upon your return.  If the answer is “no”, I have a few suggested techniques to solve your problem:
1. Compromise:  Present the bride with the option of holding her wedding at your place of employment instead of her current venue.  This will allow you to attend work AND the wedding. Everyone wins.  Strengthen your argument by telling her that any venue she has found with availability within four months is probably crap anyway.
2. Guilt/Victimization: Tell the bride/your family that you have tried to get out of work, but you were told you would be fired if you took the time off.  If this is not enough, show them a picture of fuzzy puppies and tell them that your boss has threatened to harm the fuzzy puppies if you take the time off.
*Disclaimer – If this does not work, please do not actually harm the puppies.
3. Technology:  With today’s technology, there is no reason you can not attend work AND the wedding.  Simply Skype yourself into the wedding ceremony from work.  You’ll probably want to request that the receiving computer be set up on a stool right next to the minister, so that you don’t miss anything.  Also, you may want to bring your own booze to work, so you can still have a good time at the reception.
I hope some of these suggestions work for you.  I don’t know how they couldn’t.  You’ll have to keep us all informed of how it goes.  Especially, if the bride goes all “bridezilla” on you.
Thank you for you question!

3 thoughts on ““Ask Brett” – Wedding Dilemma – Aug. 14

  1. Dear Brett,

    I wanted to take a moment to respond to this post. As you may or may not know, I recently experienced a similar problem to what JC is going through. My sister-in-law also got engaged and decided to have a wedding only 5 months after, probably because she’s pregnant but we pretend that’s not why. Anyways, I also have to work the weekend of the wedding, which happens to be this next weekend. Having want to prevent a potential bridezilla I have avoided notifying anyone of this conflict, but having read your post today I decided to cowboy-up and tell everyone. I decided to use one of your suggestions.

    First off, the First one doesn’t work for me because I work as a prison guard and I can only get one visitor pass for a tour/wedding that day. Long story short I decided to go with the Second option since the bride volunteers at a dog shelter. Well it didn’t work out for me at all, in fact here is a picture of what happened: http://goo.gl/ZfTX17.

    I have to say, I am really disappointed in your “advice.” You make it seem like you may be a “expert” in advice giving, but I think you may only be a “bad advice giverer.” Because your advice resulted in the damage of my vehicle, I am going to send you the bill for my windshield. I hope you have some professional liability insurance, because the estimate I got today for the windshield is for a lot of money, like $735.69. Please post your address for the invoice and remit payment within 15 days.

    Your’s truly,

    Car-less Bro

    • The Google Image of the woman smashing the car
      windshield was a nice touch. However, I don’t think it costs $735 dollars to replace the windshield of a
      Dodge Charger. You’re getting ripped off!

      Nice character development though and I liked the bit about being a prison
      guard. Overall, very well done.

      So who is this?

      • Did you get the bill for my windshield yet? The window replacement company won’t replace my windshield until you pre-pay for the service…

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